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Zwahashu ‘Our Own’

The name Zwahashu is a Venda name and it means “ours /our own”

Zwahashu is a business that grants a platform that aims to grant creatives from anywhere on our continent the platform to showcase what they have, whether it’s clothing, accessories, music, etc.

The business was established last year where I started selling a few handbags and people loved it. At this stage I am selling from home and people can get a hold of me on social media platforms. I supply to a merchant in Limpopo.

The big plan is to open a boutique where I import things from all over Africa and sell it from that side.

As far as performing arts are concerned I aim to host concerts, fashion shows and all sorts of events to grant artists the platform to get the necessary marketing and exposure. I am open to partner with businesses and individuals who have the same vision.

If you would like to partner get in touch with Afro Magazine…

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