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A STAR IS BORN : Lewis Appiagyei

CAMDEN TEENAGER Lewis Appiagyei has been announced on this year’s Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list as the youngest person on the list and possibly the youngest British/Ghanaian ever to receive such an accolade.

Lewis, featured regularly in The Voice, made his intentions clear from an early age, that he is going to be a Formula 1 world champion like his namesake Lewis Hamilton.

Speaking to the press in the UK, he explained the massive implications of being on such a prestigious list. It will give the trajectory of his career a very positive boost. It means that his brand will have an international seal of approval and, most importantly, more doors will open for him as a result of being on this elite list of the brightest examples of Africa’s next generation.

With his impressive international profile taking shape, Lewis is well on his way to becoming the brand ambassador for any forward thinking company that sees the huge potential of the African continent.

“I want to show the younger generation to dream big, because there is no limits to what one can achieve if you work hard for what you want.”

Lewis Appiagyei

His ambition to get to the top of his sport is forged with an insanely hard work ethic at its core, which is what’s required to get to Formula 1.

It is the world’s most elite sport, where only the best and well connected young drivers have a chance of getting a shot and the possibility of getting a seat with one of the teams.

When asked how someone so young achieved so much, his response was “Don’t be afraid to protect your dreams like a lion and believe in your own vision.”

He told Forbes Africa: “I want to show the younger generation to dream big, because there is no limits to what one can achieve if you work hard for what you want.

“It’s said that kids close their ears to advice but open their eyes to examples and that’s what I represent.”

His tenacious and fearless nature on track is balanced by a humble and approachable demeanour off track.


His meticulous preparation to Formula 1 has been masterminded and backed by his family up to now. Lewis and his father, Anthony Appiagyei, were invited by the McLaren F1 team for a tour last year, which was surreal.

The Voice has suggested that lighting could strike in the same place twice as it has drawn uncanny comparisons to Lewis Hamilton and his father Anthony Hamilton who walked into McLaren all those years ago when Hamilton joined the team.

Lewis maintains his training everyday at home on his racing simulator, and keeps fit as best as he can under the current circumstances. He is looking forward to returning to real live racing action once all this is over. In the meantime he calls for everybody to follow him on Instagram: @lewis.appiagyei

Source : Voice-online

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