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‘Cooking with Jomo’

Cooking with Jomo was inspired by Jomo Rammala initially as a passion which he picked up while growing up in Kimberly – South Africa. His love for cooking inspired him to learn and try out different recipes. His passion for good food and the joy of sharing that knowledge is the main inspiration behind Cooking With Jomo.

What began as a few cooking experiments in his kitchen gradually turned into a Cookery Show with a specific theme for each episode to showcase his recipes and additionally teach non South Africans what the popular South African Dishes are and show simple steps in meal preps for these dishes…

In each episode, JOMO will put a modern twist to traditional recipes from his childhood filmed in different locations within Johannesburg.

Episodes are made up of 3 parts which include:
o PREPARATION (Including product placement)

Jomo will take South Africa by storm as he includes his secret recipe sauce to each meal. The show premiers on the 5th of July, 2020. Watch this space for something new and exciting…

‘Cooking with Jomo’ is a concept drawn by Christopher Austin Phiri and Chomba Victoria Mkasanga. An Afro Magazine Production.

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