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Keep on going my friends! It is a fact that if you keep on pursuing something consistently, with effort you will get better, you will see results.

Why would you stop just because life kicks you in the butt? Use that kick to propel you forward. We all get kicked in the butt. Heck my butt is sore from all the kicks. Sometimes it is friends, sometimes it is family, sometimes it is a total stranger that kicks us in the butt.

Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones who get kicked in the butt or with issues. Sorry to break it to you hun, we all have issues. The thing is… What are you going to do about it?

Give up? Cry? Yes that you should do, it helps.

Stop thinking results, wealth, happiness, bliss, relationship fulfilment, great skin, abs, whatever it is, you only want what happens to other people not you.

Ask yourself why not you? Then get to working on it.

Happy week ahead!

By Mundia Moola Buesser

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