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Zoona is a financial services business founded by two entrepreneurial brothers – Brad and Brett Macgrath in 2009. One is an ex-JP Morgan banker and the other is a former commercial director of a telecom operator in Zambia.

The startup provides both in-country and cross-border money transfer services in several African countries – Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. And so far, it has processed more than $1 billion in money transfers, bill payments and other financial services.

In 2016, Zoona raised $15 million of capital from a group of investors led by the International Finance Corporation. The funds are being used to scale up the company’s operations as it aims to reach ten markets and 30 million active consumers across Africa by 2020.

The International Finance Corporation, or IFC, is an example of an international development institution. And there are several more like it that exist to support and invest in businesses, especially in developing regions of the world like Africa.

Most international development institutions are funded or sponsored by foreign governments or global institutions like the World Bank, United Nations, European Union etc.

In the free course, you’ll learn more about these types of organisations and the kinds of businesses they invest in.

Ready to learn how to raise capital?

Like I said at the beginning of this article, “lack of capital” is not the problem. The real problem is a “lack of awareness.”

That’s why I wrote Jackpot, one of the most comprehensive guides ever written for African entrepreneurs who are looking to raise funds to start, grow, or turn around a business.

The book is rich with information that reveals:

  • The most dangerous Mental Roadblocks that hold many entrepreneurs back from attracting the capital they need for their business;
  • The 5 BIG reasons investors and funding organisations are keen to release billions of dollars in funding every year;
  • The 4 Major Categories investors use to classify and evaluate businesses that approach them for funding;
  • The Top 15 Sources of Funding you should target to raise capital;
  • The Good and Bad sides of each source of funding so you can make objective choices and decisions about the right source of funding for your business;
  • Real-life examples and success stories of entrepreneurs who have successfully raised funding for their businesses;
  • The SUCCESS FORMULA for attracting investors to fund your business;
  • The 10 Most Important Things investors are looking for in any business before they invest;
  • Practical Tips for identifying, targeting, approaching and attracting the right investors to fund your business; and
  • The 5 most common mistakes you should avoid when you’re raising funding for your business.

Here’s the link to learn more about the book:

Happy reading!

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